Billet top fuel Pistons?

Discussion in 'Tech Forum' started by flapjack, May 25, 2016.

  1. flapjack

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    I just read a Facebook post by JE Pistons that they've developed a billet top fuel piston. I didn't think a billet piston could withstand the forces in a nitro engine, that they needed to be forged. Or is that the rods?
  2. Draw 3D

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    A billet can be forged.
  3. JON

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    Thanks for posting.

    There are pics on there - quite different to a conventional Top Fuel piston.

    With such a simple geometry, the forged piston is likely to have no grain flow benefit and the billet piston is likely to have better-controlled metallurgical properties.

    I guess the higher machining time will hit the cost/unit.

    I wonder if a steel monotherm racing piston could give a benefit in TF?
  4. flapjack

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    I wonder how much this would change the reciprocating mass. I did look up monotherm pistions (never heard of them before), and they seem to be for diesel engines, which have a lower cylinder PSI. I know billet steel cranks can handle the load, but I wonder if a steel piston could.

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