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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by jpee, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. jpee

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    Anyone know what happened with John Force & Austin Coil... & why Austin walked out suddenly at the end of last season ?
  2. Nitrohelper

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    It was planned earlier in the year ,according to what Austin told his Chicago friends... It was a shock to John , but a few close friends knew it was coming... Same reason as why Medlin left ,and has nothing to do with tuning...
  3. jackass

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    kind of what i heard to...;)
  4. Silly Savage

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    Coil had the professionalism to not lead on or hint during the end of the year run. Once they got the job done, he could just walk. I don't believe he owed anyone a real explanation, but that is between him and John.
  5. George.

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  6. Johnny Mopar

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    I was really disappointed in John Force on the telecast. Playing the "I don't know why Coil left" card is ridiculous. How could he not know why he left? It seemed pathetic...the empty chair in the trailer, etc. I just shook my head in disbelief...

    I've always loved John but the drama and exaggeration are too much. It's becoming harder to believe all the time.
  7. DixonFan

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  8. mick

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    of course it is, but it sells.......
    - coil gone
    - robert is president of JFR
    - ashley is pregnant, not racing
    - other sister (can't remember name) in car testing, will race some
    - ashley president of JFR entertainment
    - neff back in car tuning and driving.....john's old car
    - john in ashley's car

    one team - 7 stories, all since the last pass of 2010.
    some orchestrated - some not
    gotta' give em' kudos
  9. force fan

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    Other sister is Courtney!!! ;)
  10. Johnny Mopar

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    There's more drama in his camp than a beauty salon...:D
  11. Rexfiles

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    John was and always will be a marketing wizard.

    controversy and drama sells.

    Did anyone ever consider that the more exposure he gets, even if his scooter gets a flat on the return road, the more his sponsors get their $$$$$$ worth.

    I think everything he does is carefully calculated.;)

    A split.....drama, and a reconciliation.

    pure theatre, PURE Force.

    And I am a 20 year fan to boot.......

  12. mick

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    for sure rex, this soap opera chapter is just beginning.
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  13. Rexfiles

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    Hated him until 1992. At Etown I gave him some of my business shirts as a tease, had a chimney sweep company, he was burning up every weekend trying to catch Cruz. Logo was "we ain't afraid of no soot";):D

    he looked at me funny, and said, "what do YOU want"

    I said "nothing"

    he made sure i left with more autographed T shirts than i could carry.

    Told me he wasn't used to taking, just giving.

    and i believed him.

  14. Rooster

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    :rolleyes::rolleyes:I really like John, and have known him for 40 years this summer... I have to admire him for what he has done with his life and his dream. It was pretty obvious Austin wasn't happy most of last year from what I gathered by talking to him a few times.. I'm pretty sure John was aware of that also, but given the schedule he keeps and the amount of people he is trying to keep happy he probably figured the Coil problem would fix itself... And it did!!!!!! I'm kinda like Coil in the fact that I'm not real crazy with how "Corporate" drag racing has become.....Give me a 32 car field of "cacklin" Nostalgia Funny Cars anyday to make me smile...(with "bumper pull" trailers and "popup" tents"
  15. George.

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    If this is what you call "calculated marketing", I disagree.
    I'm embarrassed for Force..
    Force's self serving, self inflicted pity has spiraled down to nothing more than a west coast version of "Jersey Shore".
    I'm an old school Force fan like everybody else, but this latest John Force BS as John Caran pointed out is just plain stupid, and is insulting to the intelligence of most race fans.

    The empty chair? What a joke. I suppose there is a picture of Coil next to Force's bed that the camera missed.
    I'm thinking JF has forgotten where he came from, and he believes that most fans will swallow this crap he's serving up. I would begin by fessing up and paying his staff everything he has taken away. That's how you prevent those chairs from being empty.

    If I were Coil and Medlan, I would have left him too, and there would be no way in hell I would be coming back.
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  16. mw6789

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    And drama gets him air time----and air time gets him sponsors----and sponsors fill the cofers with cash. And the beat goes on......:D
  17. mw6789

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    The empty chair? What a joke. I suppose there is a picture of Coil next to Force's bed.

    There should be. Think Force would be where he is today without Coil?;)
  18. mick

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    that's a two way street - just like budweiser and the bernsteins - it was a
    long relationship that served them both well.
  19. Johnny Mopar

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    I understand that, but I'll bet the Castrol folks would prefer race drama as opposed to the soap opera that John reported. It was so juvenile that I can't imagine Castrol saying..."gosh...that empty chair is perfect marketing for us and will really spike up the sale of oil". It's more of a circus than it is anything else, and that's unfortunate because I truly do like John. He's been the man for a long time. There's just too much coverage of non-race stuff in his camp. It takes away from the actual event coverage. A lot of this you could blame on ESPN...John's just going along for the coverage...good or bad.

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