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    This may not seem drag racing related, but I connected in Amsterdam Saturday of last week and yesterday, and I kept thinking to myself that I should ask as many Dutch people as I could if they know who Lex Joon is.
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    So did you ask anyone? What did they say? How many people knew of him? I feel like you stopped typing before finishing your post. Lolol
  3. flapjack

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    I was a zombie. I was in Prague for a week for a conference and was really jet lagged. I had the thought to ask people then just spaced out asking. I think I used my last brain cell at the conference, too. Lots of technical stuff going on there (I work in the computer field).
  4. mick

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    it's the red bull orange army over there. they were all in singapore cheering for their own max verstappen
    winnning yesterday in convincing fashion.
  5. vegasnitro

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    The Belgian GP was crazy, every shirt in the crowd was orange. Max is so popular, there is talk of reviving the Dutch GP.

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