Discussion in 'All Access' started by Bob K., Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Bob K.

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    Is anyone else going through the hell I went through today with "All Access"? I have three fairly new computers, two prime servers and had to reboot the so called all access over one hundred times today from start to finish. I NEVER have any problems with any live streaming of any events ever. Just wondering if it is just my area, Las Vegas or if anyone else had the same problem. It usually works pretty good, but the sportsman early coverage sucks with just a tower cam shot and one other camera but expecting better coverage for sportsman racing by NHRA doesn't seem important to them. but maybe just me that raced all kinds of different cars going back to 1961.
  2. tom

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    Look in all access forum / everybody had problems / worst ever
  3. Holeinthehead

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    YES! Had similar problems. Finally gave up and watched My Classic Car on YouTube

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