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Alexis Retiring?


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It's a rumor over at DRO, hope it's not true. Not sure if she would put another driver in her place or shut it down.


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At some point you have to "grow up" and run the family business that paid for all the fun you had growing up.
Morgan Lucas, Bob Tasca comes to mind.
Self funded teams of the rich and famous, still have to make a lot of money in business to justify spending millions of dollars a year on toys.


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Isn't it about time for Scott's son to get more involved? But I can understand pressure from mom not to do nothing but crew.


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Global signed on,but did they say for sure it was on dragster? Guess alot depends on if patron stays out there as a sponsor?


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I personally think if she steps out they put somebody else in the seat!
She has a family and she has taken a pounding the last year and a half.
Patron Co. is extremely lucrative!
George Clooney the actor started his own tequila company and sold it for over a billion dollars there is a lot of money in booze!


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i would like to see patron spirits remain involved, but IMO if she leaves, patron will leave too.....unless of course if kalitta air
air freights patron internationally out of guadalajara and they can work out some sort of a B2B deal.


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I'm trying to wrap my head around how her post could be translated into possible retirement. Alexis spent some time with us and she lives, eats and breathes racing.