5 CARS OVER 300 mph

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by SAS, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. SAS

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    They are still going 309 mph. 320 ft. goes by in .7 seconds. If someone looses chutes or brakes , its not much safer. And this is the first day, look for 310 or 315 very soon.
  2. Rexfiles

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    Already know that.

    AJ has stated that his car has gone 330 at 1000'.

    so no surprise there.

    At 1000' they are not straining against the limiter, IMO reducing the possibility of a catastrophic engine failure.

    I did not say eliminate, but reduce.

    THAT............would be a very cost effective, safer, playing field.

  3. nitrokid

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    yeah ok here has any one ever done the math on this if not let me break it down for you and fell free to corect me if I am wrong

    so lets take 1/4 mile at 300 mph

    1320 time 4 = 5280 feet in a mile

    so then lets time that by 300 to get 1584000 that is how many feet in one hour your would traval at 300 mph

    let take 60 min in an hour and times that by 60 sec in a min to get 3600

    so lets take 1584000 by 3600 to get a total of 440 feet per sec so 320 feet is not alot of extra stoping distance
  4. The Counterfeiter

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    Rex - well said. Chute, brake and sand trap issues are minimized when engines and bodies stay together. Tomorrow should be very interesting.
  5. Rexfiles

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  6. Paul

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    You know I support you. The show will go on, and tonight showed you can still have an exciting show only racing to 1,000 ft.
  7. megadeth

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    All Top Fuel too! Not one Funny Car! :rolleyes:
  8. afx421

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    not all accidents happen with engine failures. these cars are still going over 300 @ denver, the army car will go 330! god forbid something drastic happens agian. 1,000 ft will not mean a thing people!!! drivers can still get hurt or worse at 300 right? stop looking at just the engine failure. work on the sutdown areas period.
  9. Rexfiles

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    so, Jeff........

    Let's not try to reduce the catastrophic engine failures we have seen recently?

    Lets not try to save teams at least $$$$$$ from the damage standpoint?

    I'm completely in agreement on the shutdown areas.

    E-Towns IMO was bordering on criminal.

    But "shutdown areas period"?

    I know and you know better than that. C'mon.

    Once extreme engine and drivetrain damage can be reduced through proactive measures, and shutdown areas are brought into the 21st century?

    Anything goes, fine by me. 1320 welcome back.

    And no, I guess I have to qualify all my posts from now on:rolleyes:, I'm having a discussion with you, not a attack.

  10. Paul

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    Jeff, 1000ft racing is only in place to give drivers extra room to stop until the NHRA can figure out what the best package is to move forward with the nitro cars and to help reduce engine damage. The speeds/engine damage are only a part of the problem, the shutdown areas at each track need to be addressed to ensure all fixed objects close to the race surface are removed and sand traps have the proper dirt/gravel/catch net/etc. The NHRA is doing the right thing by having these task forces looking at the safety aspect of Nitro racing. My only wish is that we didn't have to lose a racer to have the NHRA address these problems.
  11. Raconteur

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  12. SAS

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    Re: Four Top Fuelers over 300 mph

    Thought it was 5, rechecked and saw 4. Number will go up if track is tight.
  13. SAS

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    If it saves a life , then we can all deal with this for a race or two. Slowing them down will save lives and parts and money. That way more than 16 cars may me able to afford to run.
  14. Mikey

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    slowing them down saves lives.... very interesting. Previous events have shown you dont even have to be going fast to have serious of fatal injuries. There many other parts to the puzzle then just trying to slow them down. Hopefully the other things will be addressed and we can get that 320' back.
  15. SAS

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    " Big " ( Don Garlits ) Thinks 1000 ft. is okay with him. Because the cars are way too fast for the tracks built for cars that went 250 mph. And way to fast for the drivers. He drove cars at all speeds. And I take his word over people who have never driven at all. Drag racing is dangerous , always was and always will be. But 330 mph on short tracks is very Dangerous.
  16. megadeth

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    I respect "Big" but NHRA doesn't real care what he thinks now do they?
    I believe that once they come up with a safer way of racing 1320 it will return so you're what's your point?
  17. jim

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    What kind of track temps are they seeing with the cooling system?
  18. afx421

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    after watching tonights telecast and listening to all of the legends like big daddy, the snake, alan johnson ect talk, they all have great points, in my opinion, im not with the 1,000 ft thing, but, like austin coil said, weve been racing 1,000 ft for a long time, it does make it safer for the drivers so it is a good thing for sure. a lot of these tracks were built 40 plus years ago and these cars go so fast now. i just hope the racing is close and dont make the strongest high dollar teams even more dominant, big had a great idea with equal fuel pumps. again i hope its temperary but for now i have to say its a great idea to get a handle on things.
  19. Mr. Jean

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    Saw 114* on todays show.
  20. d'kid

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    Bros P 1 and 3
    Mel Trox 2
    Timmah 4
    Papa 5
    BT III 6
    TJ jr 7
    Top Gun 8

    is that enough 'low buck' teams in the top 8? or what is a low buck team today, Teach, Head, Big Jim and Timmah?


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