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2018 schedule


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Well if it's not "the schedule" but it's "something significant" it can only be one thing... a buck a pound ice cream at every national event !!!


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am surprised sonoma and bristol are not new countdown races :rolleyes:......do you think the fall zmax will have more
spectators and higher tv ratings in this new slot?....i would venture to guess unlikely.
I am failing to see what is the "BIG" news about this announcement. They just re-arranged a few of the chairs around the table, but everyone still has their seat.

Tell me what I am missing.


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I can't believe they're moving Dallas back closer to September, it'll be 100 degrees again. You would think they've learned that lesson?


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I still don't get why they don't run Houston and Dallas on back to back weekends in October.
That market would be over saturated and one race would take a loss at the gate. Doing Pomona and Phoenix like they do is only because the rest of the country is usually still snowed in, and they take advantage of the snowbird crowd... Dallas and Houston would be like P1, Phoenix and Vegas in successive weekends...