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  1. It's not too late. If you miss nitro at 1320ft, try US 131 in Martin Michigan, this Saturday August 12th. 6 TFers go the full 1/4 mi. 7 & 9 pm. [Larry Dixon + 5 more]
    Also nostalgia nitro FCs, AA/FAs, jets, ENJOY !!
  2. justafan

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    Would like to go but have plans. Looks like the DRO F/C's will only have have 4 cars. 6 T/F's and some F/A's sounds like good times. Have fun.
  3. you

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    Sweeeeet.....but too far.:(
  4. Tybamf

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    I'll be there Saturday! Live 5 minutes from the track.
  5. Rugby1au

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    Will it be streamed or will VOD's be available.
  6. .

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    Dont take this the wrong way, but....

    I find it funny that the (arguably) biggest advocate for 1000 foot racing on this site, is the same guy who posted two threads promoting a 1/4 mile race. Lol. :)
  7. mgty3whlr

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    How did Larry Dixon do? Anyone have e.t's and mph's?
  8. MM

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    Dixon had low et at 4.57
    Dom Lagana had top speed at 321

    Most runs were in the low 4.70s to high 4.60s
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  9. Nunz

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    Saw some video on FB, looked like a big crowd! Great to see.
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