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  1. DG

    Detail Indy schedule

    ...Car Q2 Top Alcohol Dragster Q2 Gassers Q1 6:30PM Pro Mod Q1 7:15PM Prostock Motorcycle Q1 Prostock Car Q1 8:00PM Funny Car Q1 Mopar Hemi Challenge Final 8:45PM Top Fuel...
  2. DG

    INDY: Saturday Revised Schedule

    ...Top Fuel Q2 Funny Car Q2 Prostock Car Q2 Prostock Motorcycle Q2 Traxxis TF Shootout E2 Top Fuel Q3 Funny Car Q3 Traxxis TF Shootout...
  3. rckymtn3

    First 200mph Pro Stock Run @ Bandimere This Weekend?

    I'm not so "up" on P/S bike....It looks to me that none of the Japanese Manufacturers are involved? I tell you what would bring this to an end....a works Japanese bike. Nothing like a 20 million dollar program to dominate a series. I know it won't happen because out of all motorcycle sports...
  4. T

    Smith and Phillips

    Hello Matt, Carl here.... A quick question and then a few comments and observations, if I may. I'll assume the cheating you're making reference to is the use of a hidden nitrous oxide system on Michael Phillips' Suzuki. It's best not to go into details here on this forum, however, I'm...
  5. sdwarf36

    Smith Released from DSR Pro Stock Motorcycle Seat

    This on Dragbike Live has confirmed that Matt Smith 2007 Prostock Motorcycle Champion and the 2009 DSR Prostock Motorcycle rider was released today from the team. DSR confirms as of right now there is not a PSM Team or program at DSR. So no PS/M at all for DSR? :(
  6. Tony

    What was WJ whining about???

    The only reason I watch the TV coverage of Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle is to hopefully see a camera shot of Greg Anderson's wife and Doug Horne's sister.
  7. B

    racing begins in Reading

    They actualy called prostock motorcycle to the lanes.they expect to get at least one round of pros.
  8. Deby

    West Coast Hot Rod Association Shoot Out at Sundown Breaks Records

    West Coast Hot Rod Association Shoot Out at Sundown Breaks Records <p style="width:300px;float:right;font-weight:bold;padding-right:0px;"> <img src="" alt="Bluebaugh_726812" /> <br><font color="Navy">Kelly Bluebaugh and Team...
  9. S

    Another Sponsor Gone

    ...into an "advertising budget" when there is no t.v. coverage! You can't get your "media dollar's worth" since the countdown came into play. It is about time someone cutback on the spending of the REPUBLICAN Congress!!! Maybe they should pull out of Iraq just like they did Prostock...
  10. hellfirejim

    We're talking Pro Stock.

    The reason that the "Win on suday, Sell on Monday" is not in effect right now is that the car manufacturers do not have anything to sell that even closely resembles what is on the race track. Before anyone gets all up tight I am absolutely apprecative of the amount of extreme engineering that...
  11. A

    We're talking Pro Stock.

    I am a big prostock fan whether it’s IHRA or NHRA. I love watching these cars, the drivers pulling gears and hearing these motors scream down the track. In order to make a perfect run you have many variables that need to be 100% correct. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. But then again...
  12. ProStockJunkie

    Angelle is everywhere around here

    I'd say, just the right size for a ProStock Motorcycle Champion! ;)