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  1. MHayes

    Interesting NHRA Classifieds

    Updated Pro-Stock Hemi ad....
  2. MHayes

    Interesting NHRA Classifieds

    Never know what you will run across browsing on Craigslist! And these are just ones I found in my local area.
  3. Brett

    Input Wanted

    Noob poster here. I like prostock and I’m pissed there can’t be some badass dodges and fords out there. I wouldn’t care if toyota had a cpl as long as they hauled ass. I don’t leave the stands when nitro is done. My wife and I both like Alan. Keep up the good work. To The Top! I know the folks...
  4. DG

    Detail Indy schedule

    ...Dragster Q2 Gassers Q1 6:30PM Pro Mod Q1 7:15PM Prostock Motorcycle Q1 Prostock Car Q1 8:00PM Funny Car Q1 Mopar Hemi Challenge Final 8:45PM Top Fuel Q1 Jet Dragster...
  5. C

    Erica E.

    First of all, congrats to Erica. she continues to be psychic on the tree, and in fact, her nic name should be "the Bond Girl" for the 'double o lights'.:-) If I'm Erica and her car owner Freeman, I would sit down and take a look at moving into the nitro ranks, with the hopes of her driving...
  6. B

    Pick the Winners Dallas

    Congratulations Chris. Now if I had remembered to make a pick for the Top Fuel Challenge and the K&N Prostock Challenge, I may be above the Win or Whine line. LOL

    John Asher knocks it out of the park on Pro Stock

    You dont have to look to far back to see the stands full for prostock. When erica was amazing and cutting perfect or near perfect lights. The fans were in the stands. And excitement was high
  8. Q

    Thoughts on the FS1 broadcasts so far

    I hate just seeing the highlights, for instance, last week had no idea a Ford was competing that week in prostock till Q4, and I could do without the description of a top fuel dragster, funny car etc very show! How'd you like to hear about 3 strikes your out, 4 balls walk, number of bases...
  9. ironpony

    Is Jonathan Gray Done?

    sure did not look like his fault, blew a tire. maybe back to prostock with family
  10. D

    P/S vs. PM

    I read some where that a Prostock car is the most techy car out there. What with the computerized? shocks and developing LOTs of horse power without the assistance of NOX or supercharger. Curious what the hp of a P/S car is compared to a PM car. HP costs money and using "steriodes" like NOX or...
  11. dboxell


    Only race 2 and ProStock is a short field????
  12. mastertone

    Pro Stock Questions

  13. Marchboom

    Pro Stock Questions

    Bring back the 1970's Prostock cars. The fans would like those much better. And they would be able to identify the car make too.
  14. DixonFan

    Pick the Winners is live

    PTW this year is going to be very interesting. Know one really knows what the performance of Prostock Car is going to be. Picking that category will be a crap shoot at best. So how many players will choose multiple TF and FC picks???
  15. dboxell

    More Street Outlaws Insanity

    It was a great loss for sure Jay. IMO the "show" is getting young people off their ass playing video games and at least trying something. Street racing will never go away, NHRA has been FUBAR for many years. I do not have any answers for NHRA but mandatory EFI for ProStock will not bring the...
  16. *******

    Dunn Not Returning to NHRA Broadcast in 2016

    Man I miss those drivers and races from back in the early 90's They had real personalities and the races were good unlike this current crop of corporate sponsorship spewing zombies where the same cars win every week and they shut them off at 1000 ft. I'd much rather watch that racing in that...
  17. rckymtn3

    What would happen?

    What makes everyone think it would be a smoke fest if they went back mid-80's to mid-90's track prep? These folks are smart. They would know the traction wouldn't be there, so they would do what they always do. Take it right up to the point of spinning the tires just enough, but not too much to...
  18. F

    NHRA Rule changes to TF and FC

    Joel, that was Matt Hartford in the Total Seal car. He did bad ass burnouts all through qualifying as well. It was great to see.
  19. S

    NHRA Rule changes to TF and FC

    I was at Bandimere on Sunday. Best burn-out of the day BY FAR was a prostock car in the first round. Pretty sure it was Deric Kramer. Not sure why it was so much longer than the others, but it was awesome!
  20. C

    Jeggie back for 3 races

    I believe there's a term for that phenomenon called "Fair weather Friend". I'm like that with my local baseball team. If they are hot, my eyes are glued to the TV every night and if they are losing, I couldn't give a rats ass about them. Seems to be the Same with Jeg, If he does not have a top 3...